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School-Based Health Center Program

The MHSF School-Based Health Center program was established with the purpose of providing outstanding medical and mental health resources and services necessary to promote and improve student's academic capability.

Goals of the School-Based Health Center include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing quality medical intervention (physical and mental health care)
  • Referral for additional care when needed
  • Providing health and wellness education for students and parents
  • Reducing teen pregnancy and STD rates by advocating sexual abstinence
  • Improving access to primary health care needs

The MHSFI School Based Health Center program has become an integral part of the health care system of St. Bernard Parish. It provides outstanding medical and mental health resources and services necessary to promote and improve student's health and academic capability.

In August 2007, MHSFI introduced the School Based Health Center Program to Chalmette High School. The first School Based Health Center to be located in St Bernard Parish, the Chalmette High School's School Based Health Center currently sees on average of 50 students per day during school hours. The SBHC team includes a skilled professional staff that includes a physician serving as Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurse, Social Workers, Center Manager, Medical Assistant and Center Coordinator. The SBHC team covers all aspects of the students care and provides much needed services to the students and making a positive difference in their lives and that of their community. During school hours, the SBHC provides services to students ranging from acute illness, comprehensive sports physicals, chronic illness management, preventive care and more. The SBHC staff involves parents in the care of their child and makes referrals to specialists when warranted.Health Center: 504-333-6988

Chalmette High School, School Based Health Center operates in a facility sponsored by St. Bernard Parish Schools. The center's funding is a collabrative effort through Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc., the State of Louisiana's Office of Public Health's Adolescent School Health Program and partially funded by grants from Lions Club International Foundation administered by School Health Connection of Louisiana. A specal thanks to DHH/OPH/ASHP for their contribution as monitor and technical assistant provider.

In 2013, MHSFI collaborated with Nunez Community College to introduce the Nunez Community College - Health Center. This on campus health center provides quality, comprehensive health care to Nunez Community College students in an effort to meet their health care needs thereby contributing to their academic development through collaboration, advocacy and education within the community.

Convenience and accessibility to health services are offered in tandem with efforts to provide health and wellness education for students. By doing so, it is our hope to meet the unmet health care needs by placing health care where the students are and when they need it. Routine physicals, screenings, lab and blood work as well as diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries are available during school hours. The center is staffed by a multidisciplinasry team of health care professions provciding services in hopes that healthy living becomes an intregal part of every student's life.

The Health Center is located behind the Main School Campus buildings in Trailers J11 and J12.
Spring and  Fall Semester Center Hours are:
Monday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Health Center: 504-278-6318