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About Us

The Association of Fundraising Professionals - Greater New Orleans Chapter annually recognizes and celebrates outstanding philanthropy. MHSFI, Outstanding Foundation, was among the seven honorees who all work to make New Orleans a better home for all who live, work and play here. Also awarded were; Victoria King, Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy; Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans, Board of Directors Award; Chevron Gulf of Mexico Business Unit, Outstanding Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy; Fred H. Meyers, Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser; David Fennelly, Outstanding Philanthropist; and Marc A. Barnes, Outstanding Professional Fundraiser.
Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc. (MHSFI) is a faith-based organization and community advocate which values and promotes accessibility to healthcare. Its humble beginning was born to bridge the gap in health related services to families in the Gentilly area of East New Orleans; and it has done just that and more. From its roots in Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, in the 60’s to the establishment of the formal mission as a Legacy Foundation, in 2003, MHSFI has expanded its dedication to the support, development and management of health related programs and services for the benefit of the citizens of East New Orleans and beyond. Since 2003, their renewed commitment as wise stewards of their Legacy Foundation, has contributed more than $16 million toward projects, programs and services expressly targeting health status improvement. 
MHSFI cites “collaboration” as being the key element in improving accessibility to health care and enhanced quality of life through prevention, education, and supportive partnerships, in responding to the needs of the communities. MHSFI’s partnerships are diverse, and all serve in an equally impactful capacity; improving the quality of life in the communities they serve. Among the many organizations and programs supported by MHSFI are the Greater New Orleans Immunization, School Kids Immunization Project (SKIP); The Blood Center, Lifesaver Program; School Based Health Centers, Chalmette High School and Nunez Community College Health Centers; Volunteers of America, Fresh and Healthy Food Production Facility; Our Lady of Holy Cross College, Nursing Student Scholarships; Kingsley House, Mental Health Counseling and Outreach-New Orleans East satellite office; Mary Queen of Vietnam,  New Orleans East Community Health Center; Love in Action, Food Pantry; Daughters of Charity, New Orleans East - Primary Care; Covenant House, Rights of Passage and New Orleans Speech and Hearing, New Orleans East Satellite office and testing equipment.

MHSF building

The Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the support, development and management of health related programs and services for the benefit of the citizens of East New Orleans and beyond. The programs expressly target health status improvement of the referenced population by addressing the key determinants of health including lifestyles, access to healthcare services, social, and environmental factors. This is accomplished through operational management, program start up, and grant making while balancing community need, fiduciary responsibility, and exploring other business ventures that relate to healthcare.