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Hypnotherapy MethodistHypnotherapy Services

There is no limit to the minds ability to restore and maintain good health and wellbeing. Hypnosis is a vehicle that allows the development of the mind / body / spirit through a communication / education process. Through the experience of hypnosis a person learns to relax, heal and develop resources that may not have otherwise been accessible consciously, in order to attain and maintain optimal health and happiness. If you want to change your health, your lifestyle, your habits, your future, you must first change your mind.

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Management Services Methodist Foundation

Management Services Organization (MSO)

The MHSF MSO has provided medical management service and support to physicians in Greater New Orleans and beyond for over 10 years. We are in your community, offering local customer service and the personal attention needed to help you meet your goals. We focus on providing quality management services which allows your practice to focus on providing quality healthcare, and together we can build a thriving medical practice. Click here to find out more.


Methodist School-based health centersSchool-Based Health Centers

The MHSF School-Based Health Center program was established with the purpose of providing outstanding medical and mental health resources and services necessary to promote and improve student's health and academic capability. Our School Based Health Centers in Chalmette High School and on the campus of Nunez Community College provides makes health care accessible. By bringing the much needed health care services to them, we are making a positive difference in their lives and that of their community. Our skilled professional staff includes a physician serving as Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, Managers, and Social Workers.

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MHSF - Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how medical information may be used and disclosed.  
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